Snake Platform

Snake Platform
Product Description
The Snake Platform is unique added feature to the scanclimber product range. It is a joined platform system that can be used with Scanclimber SC5000, SC6000, SC8000 and SC10000 mast climbing work platforms. It is consists of a various platform with a root adapter. The sections are offered in 1.5 m to 0.6 m lengths and can be safely adjusted in different angles (+- 45 degree) at any height and different forms of the building shape. It can be simply set up and align with ratchet or a screw gun. The Snake Platform is amazingly suitable for round, curved, cone shape and also with varying wall surfaces.


  • The platform have rotatory ability and can be simply adjusted in the air with complete safety.
  • The sections can be turned in different 90 degree ranges with respect to its other sections.
  • Single mast L and T adapters can accessed on internal and external tubular facades.
  • They can easily bypass all the barriers and hindrance of the architectural areas.
  • Their light weight components parts don’t require special transport to carry them.
  • It modern design, material and manufacture make them more independent to use in rough environmental condition.
  • Have limitless height ability.
  • It fast set up and dismantle decreases overall production time .
  • Required minimum ground area for the alignment of the components parts.
  • Key areas of applications:
  • They are widely used in the petrochemical facilities, power generation, bridge structure, industrial plants, shipyards and wind generation construction and maintenance areas.
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